Our Story

We are teachers who believe in the importance of teaching the soft skills. Not just spelling or math formulas but grit, resiliency and perseverance. You know, the hirable skills.

Why use edmettle?


Edmettle is a walled garden social network and feedback management system that does not require student email. You decide who has access to your class.


We need to prepare students for their working world. What skills will get them hired in their future? For the first time in education, our classrooms and audiences are global.


Teachers are busy. We get it. We are teachers too. You need a tool that is quick and easy yet powerful enough to make your assessments more timely and efficient.


Don't limit feedback to one person. Edmettle allows multiple teachers and students to endorse each other for demonstrating their skills as they happen.

Edmettle is a social network and feedback management tool for teachers and students. Give your students feedback that matters!

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I want my students to use words like self-regulation and recognize when other students demonstrate skills like resiliency.
- Brian Aspinall, Teacher & Founder

Give your students feedback that matters.

How Does
it Work?

As a teacher, you create an account for your class and you add students to your network.

How Do Students
Log in?

Students log in using the class code developed by you and the unique password assigned when you added them.

Who Has Access
to Your Class?

Only the students and teachers you have granted access can see your network. It's very social but in a sandbox or walled garden.

Can Parents
See it Too?

Absolutely! Each student account will also include a parent code. Parents can log in anytime to view their child's feedback.

Mettle (noun) - a person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

What makes edmettle unique is that we are full-time teachers also. Not developers who have teacher advisory boards but regular full-time teachers who know the profession thoroughly. We get it.


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